Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Positive Coaching Alliance Workshop for the High School Parent

This Monday November 24, Silver Lake Athletics will host a free workshop in the auditorium from 6:00-7:15pm for all interested parents. The workshop is possible through a partnership with the nationally recognized Positive Coaching Alliance.  Please register here if you plan to attend PCA WORKSHOP

“The High School Sports Parent: Developing Triple-Impact Competitors” (90 minutes)
This interactive workshop explores the role of Second-Goal Parents, supporting their children so that they have fun, positive experiences in sports. It examines how parents can help ensure their children’s experience yields healthy, developmental (physical, social, mental) outcomes that will serve them far beyond the playing field.
Parents will come away with knowledge about tools for supporting their child in his/her sports experience. Parents who attend a Parent workshop should be able to:
• Know what is expected of them as a high school sports parent
• Understand the parents’ goals and their child’s goals related to high school sports participation
• Match their behavior as a parent to their goals for their child’s high school sports experience
• Support their children to bounce back from mistakes and setbacks
• Teach their children about the importance of a growth-mindset
• Understand and manage the relationship between the Parent and Coach
Parents who attend this workshop may purchase the book ($5 as supplies last) The High School Sports Parent: Developing Triple-Impact Competitors, a book that has handy tips specific to the challenges facing parents of high school athletes, as well as helping maximize the parent’s relationship with their kids.