Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Athletic Handbook Changes for 2013-2014

Attention athletes and parents!  Please take the time to read this year's handbook with a specific focus on two changes for next year.

1. Team captains will now be named at the beginning of each respective sports season.  The philosophy behind this change is to allow continued growth and aspiration amongst student athletes during the off season and leading up to high school competition.  We believe this will afford all athletes an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and will strengthen our teams standing both on and off the field.  As a department we will strive to provide numerous leadership training initiatives to assist athletes in developing these skills leading up to the season.

2. The Silver Lake Chemical Health policy will now include a penalty for athletes who are in the presence of any and all of the substances noted in the handbook, including but not limited to alcohol and drugs.  The penalty will be 10% of the scheduled events during the season of which the violation occurred or the next sport that the athlete joins.  (For example:  basketball = 2 of 20 games, football = 1 of 11 games etc.). The school community views that attendance at social gatherings where alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances are present, is not an activity to be condoned for student-athletes.  As an athletic staff, we will be assisting student-athletes with a plan of action including what if scenarios and training workshops related to leading a healthy lifestyle.  We have been using research through a program called "Life of an Athlete" or LOA out of the American Athletic Institute.  I encourage parents and athletes to "like" LOA on Facebook by following this link: Facebook - Life of an Athlete